High Performance Training by Nikolas Spanos

For riders who want to develop their Enduro riding skills in the fastest and most efficient way, Individual Enduro Riding Coaching is a one-way direction. Nikolas Spanos designs each program, considering every parameter regarding the previous experience, the type of motorcycle, age, gender and the level of the physical condition of the riders who will choose a Personal Enduro Training.

Each program is tailor-made, which means that all riders can participate, regardless of the brand of motorcycle they ride or their previous experience at Travel Enduro. Ultimately novice drivers will have the opportunity to learn most smoothly and evolve 8-10 times faster than a Group Enduro Training. The most experienced riders will train intensely, correcting chronic driving mistakes, but they will also develop as riders at a top-level, learning all the top Enduro riding techniques!

The most important fact is that with Personal Enduro Training, the riders are the ones who set the bar of evolution as high as they wish. This Training option is of top quality and performance. Incomparable Enduro Training size. A class on their own!

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  • 1 day, Basic Enduro Training – 8 Training hours  
  • 2 days, Intermediate Enduro Training – 16 Training hours
  • 3 days, Advanced Enduro Training – 24 Training hours
  • 1 day, Sand Training Basic – 6 Training hours
  • 2 days, Sand Training Advanced – 12 Training hours
  • 1 day, Rally Training – 8 Training hours
  • 8 hours Individual Enduro Program on specific techniques


  • Meeting point Location: Oldtimer Middle East
  • Training Locations: Dubai, Shawka, Al Qudra Desert
  • Instructor: Nikolas Spanos
  • Full protection motorcycle riding gear is mandatory
  • Language: English
  • The cost of participation varies by course and course. Fees per day for a Personal Enduro Training starts at 2,200 AED.Please fill out the application form with your Training Request on our Booking page to get our full reply and proposal ( Training plan, cost etc.)