zero to hero enduro training – basic

Become a real Off-Road Hero – 2 days

ZERO TO HERO Enduro Training Basic is the program that will help you travel without restrictions on any dirt route and sandy soils. It takes two (2) days where you will discover with the help of the Instructor the actual ART of off-road riding. You can join even with zero previous Enduro experience! If you are a completely new rider, it would be best to start with an Adventure Riding Clinique and then come to this program.

ZERO TO HERO means a transformation of the rider! You will train in a very small group, among others who have the same passion as you for genuine adventure and travel. Get complete control of your motorcycle and eliminate any off-road driving stress. 90% of the road network on planet earth is gravel and sand! Will you be content with only the remaining 10% on the asphalt? Become a real Off-Road HERO!



  • Adventure Riding Gear & Motorcycle set up
  • Upright riding posture
  • Slow Riding Traning in corners
  • Basic and intermediate off-road skills: turns, uphill, downhill, acceleration
  • Braking off-road
  • Enduro trail riding
  • Sand training basic skills


  • Days 2 – training hours: 08.00 – 17.00 (per day)
  • Meeting point: Oldtimer Middle East
  • Training Locations: Day 1 in Dubai, day 2 in Shawka
  • Instructor: Nikolas Spanos
  • Full protection motorcycle riding gear is mandatory
  • Previous off-road experience: Not required
  • Language: English