For 20+ years, Nikolas Spanos has developed a highly successful and internationally recognized motorcycle coaching system. His many years of specialization in Travel Enduro motorcycles combined with his vast teaching experience and academic knowledge in Coaching have helped him constantly update & upgrade his training programs without copying any of those offered around the world.

Nikolas’s system is based on multi-collectivity, the very gradual program of exercises, but mainly on the individualized approach as a reference to the methodology. This training system can not be efficient for numerous groups of riders. For this reason, Nikolas almost always teaches on Personal & Semi-Personal Training or to very small groups of riders.

By choosing the Spanos Coaching System formula, you can be sure that Nikola’s eyes will constantly be on you. No detail is left to chance; training is always in open fields and not sterile closed Enduro Parks. Nikolas loves high-performance riding and very systematic training, and he does this in every course he delivers.

  • Full name: Nikolas Spanos
  • Date of birth: 25.03.1974
  • Nationality: Hellenic (Greek)
  • Founder of ALL ROAD TRAINING
  • Proffesional Motorcycle Instructor & Tourguide:  Since 2003
  • Academic Diplomas: Professor of Physical Education and Sports – Coach
  • Proudly sponsored by: Yamaha, Michelin, KLIM, Aurora Rally Equipment, Alpinestars, Cardo, Oakley
  • Languages: Greek, English
  • Personal bike: Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally
  • Free time: Mountaineering, Windsurfing, Mountain Biking, 4WD Expeditions, Travelling to remote places around the world
  • Military service: Greek Special Forces (Navy Seal & Paratrooper)
  • Operation days per year (Coaching & Tourguiding): 330  / 365
  • Trained riders year to date: More than 14.000 riders (Groups, Personal, Seminars, Adventure Expeditions, Enduro Training Tours)
  • Organized Off-Road Expeditions & Tours year to date: More than 250 Tours
  • Official Partner Yamaha (Training & Travel) since 2021
  • Certified First Aid Responder (FAR) – Specialized in providing Aid Assistance in motorcycle accidents
  • BMW Motorrad Certified Instructor (Off-Road & On-Road) 
  • Member of the BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy (BMW IIA) 
  • Member of the BMW Motorrad International Tourguide Academy (BMW ITA)
  • Official Trainer KTM South-East Europe: 2010 – 2013 (KTM Adventure Training)
  • Graduate of the BMW Motorrad Brand Academy (Munich 2005)
  • BMW Motorrad HP2 Enduro Ambassador (2005 – 2008)
  • Technical consultant, author & contributor to magazines (motorcycles & 4WD): 0-300, MOTO, MOTO Tuesday, 4 Wheel Drive
  • Adventure Travel editor at the newspaper TA NEA (2003 – 2004)
  • Digital Tracking (GPS Tracking) of mountain routes (TopoNavigator 2003 – 2005)
  • Racer with two-cylinder (ONLY) motorcycles with the official support of the teams: KTM South-East Europe, BMW Motorrad
  • Test rider for the tire company: MICHELIN