personal & semi personal road training

Master every corner

Develop your Riding Skills on the asphalt to the maximum level. Road Training takes place in Dubai, very close to Dubai Autodrome and is offered exclusively as Personal or Semi-Personal Training (1: 1 or 1: 2).It lasts a total of six (6) hours which includes theory and practice. Road Training focuses on specialized training for safe urban mobility, but also the high level of technical competence and perception in travel riding.

Αlways designed on a case-by-case scenario according to the profile and type of motorcycle of the participating rider. The fact that this is not a group Training guarantees that with the continuous guidance and support of Instructor Nikolas Spanos, you will literally be transformed as Riders! Road Training is dynamic, methodical, fast-paced and always focused on absolute safety.



  • Riding Physics
  • Optical Targeting
  • Slow Riding Traning
  • Sport Cornering
  • Emergency braking & Avoiding


  • 1 day – training hours: 08.00 – 03.30
  • Location: Motor City, Dubai. | Meeting point: Oldtimer Middle East
  • Instructor: Nikolas Spanos
  • Full protection motorcycle riding gear is mandatory
  • Language: English