• Training in Adventure Riding in almost all Off Road conditions.
  • Learning techniques of motorcycle repair, towing and navigation.
  • Course Duration: 2 days | Place: AGIOS KONSTANTINOS – LAVREOTIKI
  • Maximum entries per Lesson: 8 riders | Trainer: Nikos Spanos.
Enduro Training 3 is designed to offer to all riders a memorable Off Road training experience. This is not an extreme course, but it certainly is quite demanding and challenging, therefore we suggest that you have already obtained a previous related experience either on your own or with us with regard to the Off Road Days. The course’s duration is 2 days during which you will experience significant progress with the help of Nikos Spanos to a level that will allow you to travel on any Off Road track you wish, with a sense of safety and confidence. With emphasis on the details, you will ride with us on every type of track. Forest tracks, tracks in the sand, mud and in selected Off Road fields. Enduro Training 3 does what it promises. It will fully prepare you for any big Adventure Touring project.

What does the course include?

  • Driving in forest dirt tracks with a greater degree of difficulty
  • Gaining skills in braking techniques without ABS
  • Learning techniques of Power Steering (slight drifting)
  • Technical maintenance and repair of motorcycle tires – damages
  • Course navigation and GPS usage
  • Momentum and pre charging of suspensions based on the body weight
  • Driving on inclines and turns when exiting
  • Driving on downhills and turns when exiting
  • Downhill Brake Control | Downhills and brake usage without ABS
  • Learning of motorcycle towing with a strap
  • Instructions for riding on dirt roads with load
  • Driving in very compatible paths

What should I wear?

Enduro Training 3 mandatorily requires complete and specialized equipment for the Adventure Riding use. Travel Enduro helmet, Rallye type jacket and pants, boots, Enduro Rallye type gloves and extra water back flask.

What does it cost?

The participation fee amounts to 160€ and includes: A two-day Enduro Training in small Group of up to 8 people, a course with Nikos Spanos, a commemorative certificate of participation, v.a.t 24%.

Πότε γίνονται;

25 – 26 Φεβρουαρίου 2017Περιορισμένες Θέσεις
11 – 12 Νοεμβρίου 2017Διαθέσιμες Θέσεις

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Accomodation? Alimentation?

Participants who live in Athens will stay in the places of their residence. Participants who may come from areas outside Attica can either stay overnight in a hotel in Palaia Fokaia or in Athens. The distance of the Training Area from the Centre of Athens is 45 kilometers.

If you wish to see how to get to Agios Constantinos of Lavreotiki, click here. For any other questions, please contact us: (+30) 698-30-30061


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