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Overview of locations (Greece – UAE)

ALL ROAD TRAINING implements international Training Programs for motorcycle riders in two central locations, Greece and the UAE. The headquarters of our Riding Academy is in Greece and centred in the capital of Athens you can participate in our Courses 12 months a year. A natural paradise for Off-Road Training with a genuine European Enduro character. Ideal weather conditions, endlessly enjoyable variety of Off-Road routes, landscapes, history and Greek cuisine will be truly unforgettable. A unique paradise for Travel Enduro riders!

In the United Arab Emirates, you will find us at the new Motorcycle Training Center in cosmopolitan Dubai. There, in collaboration with Oldtimer Middle East, we implement a complete range of training programs from October to March, from which you can choose the one that suits your style and goals. Deserting and riding in the dunes is an experience you must not miss!

Whichever Training Center in Europe or the Middle East you choose, one thing is for sure: Here the Training is top-notch, the quality is unique, and the Riding Experience is unforgettable!


Operating season: 12 months

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Operating season: October – March

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