individual enduro training

Tailor-made for you

In Athens, Greece, we offer the best Individual Enduro Training if you plan to travel-trip somewhere or have other goals (PRO Training – Racing) and want to quickly and effectively increase your Off-Road riding experience. Please fill in the application form with all the details or questions, and we will contact you to design your tailor-made program accordingly.

Nikolas Spanos designs each coaching session according to the rider’s previous experience and goals. We will also be delighted to offer you an individual training program for you and your friends. Just do not forget that in this case, it is suitable for your team to have a similar level of experience for the program to be homogeneous and to roll smoothly at the same training rhythm for everyone. 

training request


  • i Enduro Training location is in Athens, Greece
  • Please, request your training dates and describe in a few words your plan-project and previous experience
  • For our coaching sessions we can offer you a Tavel Enduro or Sport Enduro bike for rental
  • If you wish an all-inclusive package please let us know